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Men’s Accessories and How to Wear Them

Posted on 23 February 2023

Are you looking to liven up your outfits with the addition of accessories, but not sure where to start? In this blog we’ll guide you through some of the different options and how to incorporate them into your outfit!

Cufflinks are an easy way to add an element of sophistication to your look. Avoid gimmicky cufflinks, and opt instead for simpler, chic alternatives. There are many contemporary options available including



Whether you like big watches or small watches, glitzy watches or low-key ones, choose a watch that reflects your personality and wear it with confidence. Note: It’s not stylish to have your watch hanging loose around your wrist. A watches primary purpose is to be practical so make sure yours fits well. Fossil have an excellent range of high quality, sophisticated watches

Pocket Square
Wearing a pocket square in your jacket pocket is an old-school way of adding a bit of class to your look. Opt for sumptuous silk in a bright or contrasting colour and your look will transform from dull to distinguished in no time! The Yarn Story have some excellent options

, as do Rathore
Sunglasses are a universally popular accessory for all ages and genders. Our advice when it comes to sunglasses is to keep them simple, to invest in quality, and to NEVER wear them inside! Check out this guide by Vogue for insider tips

Ties don’t have to be traditional and boring. If your mind immediately jumps to vision of 80’s stock exchange workers upon hearing the words ‘shirt and tie’, then it’s time to change your perspective! These days the variety of ties available is huge - from colourful playful patterns to sleek and simple. There’s truly something for everyone! Aza Fashions have some sleek options

Man Bags
Satchels, messenger bags, briefcases, backpacks. It’s always best to shell out for good quality if you want your bag to have decent longevity. Choose suede, leather, burlap, or canvas. Avoid PVC! Look at Daily Objects collection

You can tell a lot about a man based on his shoes. Always make sure that your shoes are in good condition and are well maintained. Invest in a few pairs of really good quality shoes that will last a long time. Urban Country have a great collection of superior quality shoes for formal and casual occasions

Suit Jackets & Blazers
Again, quality speaks. Invest in a well tailored jacket that fits your build perfectly. Don’t try to be too outlandish. Instead choose a minimalist garment made from good quality material. H&M have a variety of modern and affordable options
Go for simple chains, rings, or bracelets. Avoid wearing multiple pieces together. Less is more when it comes to jewellery! Check out this guide by GQ for homegrown brands
So, in conclusion, whatever you do, don’t over-do it! Keep things simple, sophisticated and high quality.

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