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It was 2012 and over a cuppa, we pondered the reticent British. What were they hiding behind that stiff upper lip? Quite a bit indeed. Take styling in shirts. Crafty men, they had thought of everything. Extra long shirts which do not spill out every time you get up. Shoulders that stop groaning. Different weaves to allow the material to breathe. Collars that stayed stiff, practically a work of art. And only pure cotton fabric.But pure linen for royalty. We agreed: why reinvent shirts? Simply adapt, add, and create art.

For the Indian body type, we brought in three fits you can choose from: Slim, Regular, and Plus. Optional: the Nehru collar, will keep you sharp in the heat and dust. Ethnic designs and patterns add a playful exuberance. It all blends together, well, seamlessly.

about the stiff collar

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