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Beat the Heat

Posted on 17 April 2023

Summer has officially arrived. As the temperatures begin to soar, we thought it would be a good opportunity to offer some simple advice on ways to beat the heat with your clothing choices. So, here we go:

  1. Swap full sleeve shirts for half sleeves. Half sleeve shirts are a much breezier and more comfortable option for very obvious reasons! The air can circulate in the underarm area and onto the chest more easily.
  1. Stick to pure, natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or cotton-linen mixes. These fabrics offer greater breathability, freshness, and a light touch against the skin, as opposed to synthetic fabrics that can stick to the skin and cause excess sweating.
  1. Wear your shirt untucked rather than tucked for greater mobility and reduced chances of overheating. As well as untucking your shirt, you should also avoid wearing too tight garments as having fabric very close to the body can create a sense of irritation.
  1. Avoid ties and top buttons! Unless you’re travelling around in AC and spending all day in an AC office or home, then wearing a tie will be seriously uncomfortable. Undo your top button and allow some air to circulate!
Now that we’ve covered those basic points, here’s a selection of our favourite summer appropriate shirts from The Stiff Collar:
  • Luthai Capetown Blue Glen Checks Half Sleeve 

  • Dove White Cotton Linen Half Sleeve

  • Luther Shadow Navy Stripes Half Sleeve

  • Luther Twilight Sea Stripes Half Sleeve

  • Flamingo Pink Gingham Half Sleeve

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