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Posted on 30 September 2013

Do you know your Collar ID? Not sure what I am talking about? C’mon fellahs! A man  MUST know what he wears and what makes him! As I always say and believe- the collar makes the shirt and the shirt makes the man!

The concept of ‘Collars’ date back to the 1300s, when the necklines were ruffled together with a drawstring to give a feel of a ‘collar’ which then evolved into whisk collars and falling bands during the Elizabethan era. Even, ornamental collars were worn as jewelry. So you see how significant Collars have been for men!

As of today, there are more than 10 different Collar styles defined by fashion connoisseurs and designers. Read along and enlighten yourself!


The Golden Rule

Don’t wear a collar that has same shape as your face

No Pointed Collars for long, thin faces

No Spread collars for round faces


Cutaway Collar- Originated in the early 20th century, these collar styles go great with a coat or a blazer. You can easily skip the neck wear and even undo a button or two. Cutaways also come in Semi Cutaway and Extreme Cutaway Collars.

Medium Spread- One of the most common collar styles forRussell brandt men, Medium Spread collars can work buttoned up with a tie or just the top button undone- apt for any formal or casual occasion. Sports coats  and blazers sans tie also look good with these collar styles.

Daniel CraigForward-point- Traditional Forward Point collars are usually worn with suits and ties. Since the collars are long and pointy, undoing the top button isn’t a good idea.

Snap Tab/Club- The modern day version of theseclub collar collars are about fun and being adventurous with your style! Pop icons tend to flaunt this style a lot. Since the collars are snub, it’s advisable to skip sweaters and closed jackets with these.

button downButton Down- Introduced for polo players in the early 1800s, Button Down collars have a long rich history of styling. The buttons keep the neck wear in place and hence work perfect for formal occasions. Also try a sports coat or a V neck sweater over a Button Down to get that prim Ivy League look!

Chinese- Also known as Band Collars ormandarin collarGrand dad collar, this Collar style is a Western interpretation of Chinese outfits dating back to Imperial China. Conveniently crafted, these collars save you the ado of neck wear!

bankersBanker’s Collar (White Collar or Contrast color) – Inspired by the corporate moguls of the 80’s, these collar styles add a retro element to your regular formal shirts! Wear it the casual way with denims or as a strictly formal shirt with blazer or suit, Banker’s Collars are equally versatile.

So, are you enlightened enough? Now go and explore different collar styles unless of course your sweetheart isn’t happy about you wearing a Club Collar shirt!

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