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Care to care for your shirts!

Posted on 31 July 2013

Clean Shirts
Last week my dry cleaner delivered my favorite tuxedo shirt after I sent it to remove a coffee stain. I opened the package and…. blimey! I was shocked! Not because I had my favorite shirt back, all cleaned and washed, but what had happened to the fabric because of ‘cleaning’. I realized if you want to save your favorite clothes and let them live longer, you definitely need to take care and proper care.

Pre wash care and treatments

First and foremost, read instructions on the care label.

Unbutton shirts before you put them to wash

Remove collar tabs.

Empty all pockets, unroll cuffs, unbutton roll up sleeves.

Don’t dump shirts wet from rain or sweat. Let it dry before put it in laundry.

Wash your shirts soon after use. Don’t let them pile up for days.

Pre-soak stained/extra dirty shirts in a mild detergent before washing.


To Dry-clean or Not to Dry-clean- Ideally you should ‘Not’ dry clean your shirts. Dry-cleaning fluids can actually harm the fine fabrics. But if you must get a professional cleaning done, it’s better to go for a regular launder than dry clean.

Hand wash versus Machine wash- Undoubtedly, hand wash is the gentlest way to take care of your clothes. And if you do want to do a machine wash, run a gentle cycle, in cold water and use a mild detergent. And well...I might sound a bit too finicky but separate whites and colors for best results.

Drying & Ironing- Line drying is the best way to dry your clothes. And post drying, shirts ‘must be hung’. Yes it is mandatory to hang your shirts! Preferably on wooden hangers. Wire hangers are a big no-no.

Let’s come to ironing! Well….the irony about ironing is that it’s a must for dress shirts (or any shirt for that matter), yet, we all give a cold shoulder to that particular ‘chore’. But you have to do what you have to do my mate if you do not want to look drab! So spend some time on the collar, iron when they are a tad bit damp (but not wet).

I am not saying your dress shirts need to or rather will last forever, but you can sure maintain the ‘look’ and the fabric of the shirt as long as you can if you are a little careful. After all we love our clothes…don’t we?

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