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Explore your Life & Wear your Style Shirt – The Stiff Collar

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Explore your Life & Wear your Style Shirt – The Stiff Collar
Banker's Life
Like a rock in a stormy sea, a Banker is looked upon for guidance and decision making. To bolster that image, a Banker needs to dress for success. His dressing is essentially conservative yet credible, chic yet sophisticated. The right mix of colors and fabrics can make all the difference to the persona of a Banker.

The Stiff Collar Banker shirts are designed for the modern day banker who is an elegant blend of class, convention and panache. Tailored in fabrics like Poplin, Oxford, Twill and Chambray, these shirts are perfect to keep you comfortable and breathe easy throughout a tough day!
Professional Life
Whether you are an academic, a doctor or simply an entrepreneur, the way you dress says it all about your profession and how good you are at it. Dressing right and professionally is the key to success and instills an air of confidence in you as a professional! Loud colors and bold patterns are a strict 'No-No'! No-nonsense whites, blues and grey dress shirts, with classic collar styles work perfect for the workplace. Our full monty of formal shirts in solids, stripes, checks and textures are rightly crafted to get you going!
Casual Life
There's a character behind every shirt! And that gives every shirt a story! Casual life clothing is something your character wears everyday- for different roles in your daily life! When you do not have a special occasion to attend, casual clothes are the only ones that define YOU; at those times of the day, when you are free to be yourself, the way you want to be!

The Stiff Collar casuals let you create your signature style! Colorful and patterned dress shirts make up for clothing that work equally well for a casual Friday or for a relaxed dressing with denim or khakis. Alternatively, button-down collars with unique fabrics and details work for a less lazy take on casual shirts.