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Become an E- Distributor


  • You DO NOT PAY anything upfront for becoming an E Distributor
  • A unique discount code will be provided to each E Distributor
  • Every customer who uses the code will get 10% discount on every order
  • You will earn 10% of the total sales achieved using the coupon code, as per T&C


Distribution of The Stiff Collar shirts on the web using innovative digital marketing techniques and social media and not offline retail strategy


A discount for every shirt will give you an edge as a seller and for very shirt sold, you earn a commission. This shall motivate you and fetch you more buyers for our shirts! Thus you become a valuable member of The Stiff Collar family!


You need to achieve a sales target worth INR 30000 per quarter to earn commission and continue your distributorship with The Stiff Collar

Of course we would love to bring you in our family but we have laid few terms and conditions before we proceed

  • Before supplying you with the discount code, you would have to submit a sales and marketing plan for The Stiff Collar shirts. We would also like to speak to you to discuss it further. We would proceed further only when we understand the viability of your plan.
  • It is mandatory to meet the quarterly targets to be eligible for the commission
  • You will be eligible for commission only when each customer uses the unique discount code
  • Any promotional activities or publicity conducted by you cannot use the brand name of The Stiff Collar
  • Q) Who will process the orders and who will bear the shipping charges?

    For orders received directly from online buyers, we will process the same and bear the shipping charges.
  • Q) What are the payments terms?

    We will pay you via cash or NEFT Transfer on a quarterly basis (90 days).
  • Q) Who will maintain the accounts?

    We have a system of tracking the orders fetched by our e-distributors. Every quarter, we will send you the updated account details for your confirmation
  • Q) Who will handle the customer complaints and other issues?

    We will handle all customer queries and complaints
  • Q) Will there be an agreement to become an E Distributor?

    There is no separate agreement and both parties are bound by the above mentioned Terms & Conditions
  • Q) What if I reach close to my target but don't meet the exact target set by The Stiff Collar?

    We will review your activities and depending on your performance and order volume, we will take a call on your remuneration.
Become an E- Distributor
BECOME AN E DISTRIBUTOR TODAY! EMAIL US @ marketing@thestiffcollar.com
Become an E- Distributor
Become an E- Distributor

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