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How to style your DENIM shirt

Posted on 30 May 2022

At The Stiff Collar, we love denim shirts as they offer an alternative to the regular, predictable weekend look of t-shirt and pants. Denim shirts have been a feature of Western wardrobes for several decades - harking back to the days of Spaghetti Westerns and cowboys! This connotation makes the denim shirt an icon of timeless and classic style. However, with modern styling the denim shirt can also be a contemporary fashion statement. Here's how...
Here are our top suggestions:
    1. Choose a different colour of denim rather than blue - yes, they do exist! With a little effort you’ll be able to find black denim, grey denim, cream denim, white denim - and maybe even bolder colours than that. For most people, the word ‘denim' conjures up thoughts of a particular shade of blue, but ‘denim’ is technically only actually a description of the construction (weave) of the fabric, not of the colour.

    1. Wear your denim shirt as an over-shirt. Unbutton it and wear it over a plain t-shirt. Think dark indigo denim shirt, and a plain white tee. Match this either with casual black jeans/chinos/slacks and your favourite sneakers.

    1. Wear your denim shirt (buttoned or unbuttoned) with shorts. This popular hipster trend works best with an oversized denim shirt, or with an unbuttoned denim shirt (see tip no.1).

    1. Not all denim shirts are created equal. Pay attention to collars, cuffs, and details! Over the years, denim shirts have evolved to create many variations. The classic American denim shirt may feature a pointed collar or pointed breast pocket, whereas more modern versions may even have no collar at all! Sleeves can be worn full length, or rolled up. The shade of blue denim can also range from deep Indigo, to a much lighter bleached colour. Some shirts also feature detailing such as brand ID tags, embroidered logos, pearl or metal buttons, and studs. So, select your style according to the occasion!

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