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What is Enzyme Washing?

Posted on 30 May 2022

You may have seen the phrase ‘Enzyme washed’ in some of our recent product listings and might be wondering what that means! Enzyme washing refers to the process where fabric is washed using an enzyme-based solution to improve the softness. At The Stiff Collar, we usually do enzyme washing after stitching and dyeing, this makes the garment ultra-soft against the skin, but also gives an interesting ‘washed out’ or faded look to the garment by reducing the vibrancy of the dye. 

So then why not enzyme wash all Stiff Collar products?
We love the effect of enzyme washing from both an aesthetic perspective and a comfort perspective. However, enzyme washing works best for informal shirts due to the heavier fabric that is typically used for those styles. When heavyweight fabrics, such as brushed cotton or twill, are enzyme washed, it gives a soft, grungy look. Formal shirts are usually made from lightweight fabric that maintains rigidity and smoothness as these kinds of shirts are required to look sleek and professional, therefore enzyme washing would not be appropriate for these styles.

Is it harmful?

NO. Cellulase enzymes come from plants - meaning they are natural, not synthetic. We still take care to wash all traces of the solution from the garments as part of the process to safeguard against any potential irritation to the skin.

Which products on The Stiff Collar website are enzyme washed?

Currently we have t-shirts, over-shirts, and Texas shirts on our website, but the range is growing! Simply type ‘enzyme’ into the search bar on our website or application to explore the full range! Or, click here - (

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