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How to identify a good quality shirt.

Posted on 24 December 2021

  • Tailored fit - cheaper shirts will be boxier and more shapeless, whereas quality shirts will have rear darts, butterfly gussets, split shoulder yokes and additional seams to provide better mobility, comfort, and shape.


  • Stiff collars! One of the most obvious telltale signs of a good quality shirt is the stiffness and cut of the collar. A cheap shirt will likely have a drooping collar, and a generic basic cut. Premium shirts, on the other hand, will have stylish, interlined collars that maintain their form throughout the day. At the Stiff Collar we also provide detachable collar stays, for that added crispness.


  • Fine stitching - no loose threads around button holes or along seams, a high stitch count and good tension on the stitches, all combine to make a flawless shirt. The higher the stitch count, the more durable the shirt.


Clothing - How to identify a good quality shirt.


  • Premium cotton fabric - no compromising! It’s got to be 100% cotton, or nothing! No synthetic, sweaty, shiny fabric - only breathable, soft against the skin, cotton. The most expensive part in the creation of a shirt is always the fabric, hence this is the element most easily compromised on!


  • Mother of pearl finish buttons - nothing gives a cheap shirt away more obviously than it’s buttons. Look for mother of pearl buttons over white or cream plastic ones. The buttons should be firmly attached and not easily pulled off.


  • Pattern matching - when using patterned fabric such as checks, stripes or plaids, it’s important that the pattern is matched on both sides of the shirt for continuity and to avoid disturbing the eye.


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