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10 Types of Men's T-shirt

Posted on 07 March 2022

Did you know that t-shirts were originally worn as undergarments by US and European army personnel in WW1? It was only in later years, when Hollywood film stars were shown on screen sporting t-shirts, that their popularity as fashion garments caught on. These days, it would be highly unusual to come across someone who doesn’t own at least one t-shirt! The widespread popularity of this versatile and easy to wear garment has resulted in numerous variations, such as:


  1. Crew neck (the most generic, basic style of t-shirt - featuring half sleeves and a round neckline)
  2. V-neck (typically featuring a shallow V shaped neckline, although deeper V-necklines have gained popularity in recent years)
  3. Polo shirt (polo t-shirts have a collar and buttons but unlike a traditional shirt they are made from a heavier weight cotton fabric and feature half sleeves)
  4. Pocket (any regular t-shirt style with a single breast pocket)
  5. Long sleeve (any regular t-shirt style with full length sleeves)
  6. Henley (a round neck tee with a placket - with or without buttons)
  7. Raglan (also known as a baseball tee - featuring visible shoulder to armpit seams - can come in a short sleeve or long sleeve)
  8. Cap sleeves (a shorter sleeve than a crew neck tee would have - just covering the shoulders)
  9. Sleeveless (also known as a tank top - ideal for playing sport or in warmer weather)
  10. Muscle tee (also known as slim fit - not for your regular Joe Shmoe - a firm favorite of gym bunnies)


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