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The Stiff Collar goes XXXXL!

Posted on 21 June 2022

We all know that looking good and feeling good are equally important but when you’re a larger build this can be harder to achieve. There are hundreds of men’s fashion brands online but the majority seem to cater only to 'regular' sizes '(S' up to 'XXL'). For the larger gentleman the limited variety available in plus sizes can be upsetting and demoralizing, often resulting in selecting shirts that are too small or ill-fitting due to lack of alternatives. But what’s the use of having a trendy shirt if the arms are a little bit too short, or the shoulders a little bit too tight. Why suffer unnecessarily in the name of fashion!
At The Stiff Collar we take into consideration that men’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes. We are all individuals and we must approach our clothing in this way, taking care to clothe ourselves in garments that fit well and add a spring to our step. For this reason, we offer a wide range of shirt sizes - all the way from ’S’ to ‘XXXXL’ - so that there’s something for everyone and no-one has to squeeze into the wrong size.

Alongside selecting the correct size and purchasing shirts only from trusted retailers, we have some further tips to help you maximize your style potential!
​1. Minimize the appearance of your overall surface area by tucking in longer length shirts. Even if you have an overhanging belly, it's better to tuck rather than let it hang loose as this will make you look larger than you actually are.
2. Choose darker shades to cover up larger areas. For example, if you have large thighs, opt for darker denims rather than lighter bleached denims.
3. Don't attract unnecessary attention to the areas you're conscious of. Wearing a bright orange t-shirt will certainly be eye-catching - but maybe in all the wrong ways...! Go for understated, subtler shades such as greys, navy blue, olive green, khaki. These shades are not only more contemporary and fashionable but also more flattering.
4. Use visual trickery. Wearing a 'v' shaped neckline such as a v-neck t-shirt or a blazer will dissect your surface area and distract the eye. Similarly, wearing a belt and tucking your shirt in will break up the upper and lower portions of your body. Another tip is to wear a tie or a garment with buttons down the front to draw attention to that feature.
5. Instead of choosing solid/plain fabrics, select shirts made from checked, striped, or patterned fabric. Whether shopping online or offline, you will find a wide variety of patterned shirts - from traditional patterns such as Tattersall checks to more modern playful printed shirts. Wearing a patterned shirt will draw attention to the fabric and give the effect of a slimmer physique.
6. As we mentioned earlier, correct fit and good quality tailoring are everything. Make sure you select garments that have adequate sleeve length, body length, neck size, and shoulder room. There's nothing worse than being imprisoned in a tight shirt!
Head over to and browse are latest arrivals - all available in sizes XXL, XXXL, XXXXL. If you would like to see any of our older shirts available in larger sizes, then please drop our customer service team a message and we’ll see what we can do!

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