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Revamp your Office Look

Posted on 23 June 2022

With the pandemic subsiding, working from home is gradually becoming less common and the majority of workers are returning to their offices. The comfy sweatpants synonymous with the lockdown are no longer permissible and traditional workwear is once again required. When dressing for our workplaces we all want to be well turned-out as we are often under the scrutiny of our watchful bosses or have important meetings to attend. Being appropriately dressed gives the right impression to our co-workers and clients, but also makes us feel capable and confident. 
However, you’re not alone if you sometimes struggle to find imaginative and diverse outfits to wear to work. Most of us fall into the habit of wearing the same basic white or blue shirts and black trousers on repeat. But we’ve got news for you! You don’t have to play it so safe! You can add colour, prints, textures, layering, and still be professional! 
In this blog we will give you some tips on how to inject some life into your workwear wardrobe, whilst remaining sleek and formal.

    1. Experiment with colour. Business shirts don’t always have to be white or blue. Consider pale pink, pale purple, black, midnight blue, pale grey, or charcoal. Avoid brighter, more playful colours like oranges, purples, reds or green as these are not very subtle and will divert your co-workers attention away from their desks!

    2. Accessorize! Adding elements such as a stylish satchel, a pencil tie, or a simple tailored blazer will instantaneously revive your dull office look. Avoid items like bow-ties and fake specs as these are outdated.
    3. Pay attention to the details. Not all formal shirts are created equal - opt for premium quality fabrics such as Herringbone weave, Chambray, or Oxford. The subtle texture of these fabrics feels great against the skin and gives a luxury vibe.

    4. Patterns and prints. You may think that the only office appropriate pattern is the pinstripe, in which case you would be wrong! Push the limits and get creative! There are a multitude of different stripes, spots, checks and prints in the market, as a general rule of thumb, opting for smaller scale patterns (thin stripes, micro checks, small motifs) will go down better in more formal environments. Start off with a Tattersall check, graph check, or a pencil stripe. 40331642634
    5. Diversify your collars and cuffs! Depending on the leniency of your workplace you could try a smart casual look such as a mandarin collar shirt, a half sleeve shirt, or a shirt with roll-up sleeves. These styles give an easy, laidback look but still maintain the decorum!

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