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What is a French Cuff?

Posted on 07 May 2019

Wristwatch - What is a French Cuff?

Shirts have evolved over time to suit different purposes and to correspond to ever changing fashions. 

Until the 1500’s shirts were viewed as undergarments and exposing your shirt sleeves was seen as a breach of social etiquette. Nowadays the shirt is a main staple of many peoples wardrobes and is synonymous with office workers, boardrooms and formal functions.

The cuffs on shirts have also changed over time - from once being adorned in ruffles and lace, to being tied with silk ribbons, the cuff has been reduced down to its current simplified form - tight around the wrist and held in place by buttons.

An alternative to the modern buttoned cuff is the French Cuff, so called due to its resemblance to garments favoured by merchants and soldiers in the Napoleonic times.

With French Cuff shirts the cuff is secured by metal cufflinks to give a suave and sophisticated look. French Cuff shirts are ideal for anyone looking to add a little glamour to their regular office attire.

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