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Why TSC?

Here, at The Stiff Collar, quality is our top priority. We know that there are many other shirts brands out there with lower prices, but, for you as a consumer, it’s important to realise that with a reduction in price comes a reduction in quality. At The Stiff Collar we prefer to deliver value for money. Uncompromising excellence at affordable and fair prices.

When we talk about ‘quality’ we do not exclusively mean the ‘look’ or the aesthetic of the garment, we also mean the ‘feel’. This is why we use 100% pure cotton for improved breathability, and a thoughtful consumer-centric approach to tailoring - opposed to a cost-effective one!

If a shirt doesn’t feel right, it’s not going to look right! For this reason, we include extra gussets and darts, a longer length and a split yoke between the shoulders to increase mobility and comfort for the wearer. Our collars are interlined and optional collar stays are included, so you’ll never be let down by a floppy collar.

Alongside comfort, we also want to ensure durability. We opt for a higher stitch count which means that our shirts last longer and don’t become fragile after washing or repeated use. Our shirts also undergo a thorough checking process to detect loose threads and buttons, or imperfections.

As our brand grows, so too does our product range. We have been broadening our horizons, delving into the world of casual wear and hope to continue releasing new and exciting products weekly. We value your input and respond to all comments and suggestions, often developing products accordingly.

Your loyalty towards us has not gone unnoticed. We appreciate each and every customer, whether they are a new customer or a returning one. In return for your loyalty, we strive to consistently deliver premium quality products year after year.

We thank you for your continued patronage!