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Stay-at-Home Style

Posted on 05 July 2021

Working from home and venturing out infrequently over this past year has resulted in the clothing choices of many of us becoming somewhat questionable! The same two t-shirts on repeat, pajamas day and night, and no occasions to spruce ourselves up for. The barber's shops are closed, online deliveries are delayed, and Zoom calls with videos off are now the norm.
We have resigned ourselves to our antisocial, anti-sartorial fate, and have royally given up on making an effort.

But all hope is not lost! In the spirit of these unprecedented times, we have compiled a list of items that can carry us through from our morning chai, to our WFH desk, to our evening walk. Comfort is still the priority, but with a bit more of an edge! It's time to step up, at least for yourself, if no one else!


Over Shirt, The Stiff Collar, Rs 499/-


Clothing - Stay-at-Home Style

Organic Cotton Santiago tee, No Nasties, Rs 1399/-


Clothing - Stay-at-Home Style

Sweatshirt Shorts, H&M, Rs 799/-


Shorts - Stay-at-Home Style

Linen Mix Joggers, H&M, Rs 1499/-


Pants - Stay-at-Home Style

Purple Polo tee, The Stiff Collar, Rs 1249/-


Clothing - Stay-at-Home Style

Baggy Pants, Nicobar, Rs 4750/-


Pants - Stay-at-Home Style

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