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8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

Posted on 04 February 2022


1)   Fast Fashion. Number one on the list for very good reason. The culture of disposable fashion at bargain prices is on it's way out, in favour of quality products, ethical manufacturing processes and durability. Granted, we don't all have large bank balances, but conscious consumerism doesn't have to be expensive. Average out the cost of your sustainably produced garment over the number of years you'll be wearing it for, and it will work out to be more than affordable.


Person - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

2)   WFH Sloppiness. We are all guilty of this one. We all pounced upon the opportunity to wear sweatpants and the same tshirt seven days a week, for months on end. Some took it to the extreme, with a complete abandoment of their dignity, performing zoom calls in their underpants and growing atrocious facial hair. However, the moment has passed. Time to scrub up and get back on the wagon.

Furniture - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

3)   Crocs. There's not much to be said here. They are categorically ugly but we were somehow lulled into a fall sense of pretence when celebrities were spotted donning a pair. Now that we've realised the error of our ways, we can responsibly dispose of them.

Clothing - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

4)   90's Hairstyles. Retro revival haircuts were cool for a bit, but not anymore. The Backstreet boys over-gelled, parted fringe look was relevant then, but let's not try to recreate it.

Clothing - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

5)   Going sockless. Firstly, it's stinky. Secondly, it's sweaty. I don't think we need to say more.

Clothing - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

6)   Oversize sneakers. A fashion staple for a couple of years, the oversized dad-sneaker took the world by storm, with the motto 'bigger really is better'.  Now that we've come to our senses we'll be returning to normally proportioned footwear.

Clothing - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

7)   Skinny Jeans. This style of jeans have been a stubborn fixture on the fashion scene for many years - and just as stubborn to put on and take off! Not only are they difficult to wear, but they are also not very flattering. Swap out your skinny jeans for more flattering striaght leg or loose fits. 

Pants - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

8)   Muscle Fit garments. If you put the time in at the gym, it's understandable that you would want to display your gains to those around you. However, super tight shirts and t-shirts are not the way to do it. Let's ditch the skin tight clothing and take the less narcissistic approach...

Sleeve - 8 Menswear Trends to Drop in 2022

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