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Make your collars ‘STAY’

Posted on 30 August 2013

You ever noticed chaps on the streets, wearing shirts with crushed, limp collars, the corners turned up like a goblin’s ears! Me too! And I think it is absolutely inexcusable! A man got to know how to keep his collars up. I mean literally! So what do you do to fix your collars? _MG_9906 copy

You buy a tiny little shirt accessory called ‘Collar Stay’. Also known as collar sticks, bones, collar tabs, collar stiffeners, these are smooth, thin, strips of metal (brass, stainless steel, sterling silver), horn or even plastic, with rounded edges on one end and pointed on the other. When inserted into specially made channels on the underside of the shirt collar, they keep the collars in shape. The stays are to ensure that the collars stay put against the collar bone.

How to use collar stays

Buy a shirt that has a thin channel pre-stitched under the collar. You can even get one sewn by your tailor.

collar stay Collage

Choose the right collar stay. Often shirts come with plastic stays which are widely available and more popular while metal stays would last longer. Depending on your frequency of use, you can choose the material.

_MG_9994 copyInsert the collar stays, pointed side first, with rounded edges on the outside and make sure they are completely inside the channel. You don’t want to be caught with a collar stay showing, do you?

The stays should be removed from shirts before dry cleaning or ironing and put it back before use. If you iron them with the stays on, they might melt or bend due to heat and spoil the fabric as well. However, some dress shirts are sewn with the collar stays. In that case, you might want to be careful while ironing.

If used properly and with care, collar stays can extend the lifespan of your shirts by preventing the collar corners from fraying!

Take a look as this gentleman explains the use and benefits of Collar stays!

You can check and buy here. https://www.thestiffcollar.com/products/stainless-steel-collar-stays, for any query email us at feedback@thestiffcollar.com


So read, watch, and learn because you aren't a well dressed gentleman if the collars aren't in place! After all, what’s a shirt without its collars, eh?

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  • R. Sahota: January 24, 2017


    I came here looking for collar stays but unfortunately did not find any. I would request that I too be considered for the above offer of a pair of steel stays. I ordered shirts (order 16877).


  • R Sahota: January 23, 2017


    I came here looking for stays but unfortunately did not find any. I would request that I too be considered for the above offer of steel stays. I have ordered shirts order #16877.


  • rohit rewari: September 09, 2015

    i have bought and gifted a lot of stiff collar shirts and the quality is excellent,

    could u pls tell me where i could buy these collar stays? i checked yr site and it doesnt seem to be available, it would be nice if u would sell them online too

    do let me know

  • stiffblog: September 09, 2015

    Hi Rohit,

    Apologize for my delayed response. Thanks for writing in & for your loyalty to Stiff Collar. Currently we do not sell the Collar Stays online, however, we are planning to do so in the very near future. We would be happy to send you a complimentary pair of stainless steel stays – if you could please send us your mailing address to feedback@thestiffcollar.com, we will dispatch it to you at the earliest. Cheers & appreciate your suggestion.


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