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5 Ways to Style your Kurta

Posted on 22 November 2022

Layer Up
The most simple way to amplify your kurta look is to add another layer. That could be a shawl, a formal blazer, a lightweight linen jacket, or even a leather jacket. Choose your extra layer based on the occasion, your personal style, and the climate.

Glam Up
A surefire way of creating a more luxurious look, is to focus on the quality of your fabrics, and the intricacy of the craftsmanship. This could mean opting for a subtle raw silk kurta, or choosing a kurta with detailed embroidery around the neckline, or adding a Kashmir shawl. India is home to an abundance of beautiful textile handicrafts - let’s try to embrace what our country has to offer, and proudly support our artisans.

Modern Up
Achieve a contemporary look by choosing sleek tailoring, and sharp lines. Keep things minimal and monotone. Or alternatively, think out of the box and get creative with patterns. Patterned fabric (digitally printed, or hand printed/woven) can be clashed or worn with complimentary block colours. You could also experiment with your footwear - pair your kurta outfit with fashionable sneakers or leather brogues.

Bottom Up
For those who prefer to keep their kurta simple and sophisticated, a touch of spice can be added via your choice of trousers. Obviously, jeans are an easy option, but consider going even bolder with silk brocade trousers or a dhoti.

If you’re not afraid of a little glitz and glam, then consider adding some statement jewellery. For an uber glitzy look, layer up multiple necklaces  (imitation jewellery is fine), or keep it understated and opt for a simple single chain. For those who are jewellery collectors, consider wearing an heirloom broach or cufflinks.

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