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Up and Coming Indian Menswear Designers

Posted on 03 June 2021

We’ve all heard of the likes of Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Manish Malhotra, who have long since surpassed their status as mere fashion designers, and are now widely regarded as celebrities in their own right. However, alongside these behemoths, there are many lesser know designers on the rise, with fresh perspectives, creating ripples in the fashion world.The industry is demanding, constantly thirsty for new ideas and trends, and designers must be daring, yet relevant, in order to keep up to the pace.

We at The Stiff Collar have compiled a selection of our favourite emerging talent from India. Please read on to discover more!



 Person - Up and Coming Indian Menswear Designers

Kaushik Valendra (

After completing his Masters in Fashion Design from the world-renowned Central Saint Martins in London, Kaushik’s fame and popularity snowballed. The Chennai local recently showcased his latest collection at London Fashion Week and was later requested to dress a number of celebrities for red carpet events at the BAFTA’s and the Grammy’s. Kaushik’s hope is to put India on the map for fashion, showing the world that fashion can flourish beyond just Paris and Milan.




Person - Up and Coming Indian Menswear Designers

Suket Dhir (

A firm believer in ‘less is more’, Suket puts emphasis on the artisanal skills and handiworks of India in his collections. 'Textiles are reinvented and merged to achieve luxurious comfort along with the notion of good taste and quirks. SUKETDHIR is the epitome of elegance and yet so deceptively raw, with minimalism that transcends beyond a trend into a lifestyle through the era of timelessness.




 Person - Up and Coming Indian Menswear Designers

 Aman Singh (

The founder of menswear brand, Bareek, Aman is ardent about our responsibility as humans towards the planet, advocating more sustainable lifestyles, and heightening consumers' consciousness about the effects of manufacturing on the environment. Aman strives to bridge the gap between the often dwindling traditional weaving industries of India and global fashion trends, creating collections that showcase sleek contemporary tailoring, with a definitive Indian flair.




 Clothing - Up and Coming Indian Menswear Designers

Ujjawal Dubey (

Ujjawal founded the clothing label Antar Agni in 2014, a brand that is recognised for its unconventional drapes, relaxed silhouettes, and innovative cuts. His pieces are often gender fluid, androgynous garments that are neither masculine nor feminine. 




 Clothing - Up and Coming Indian Menswear Designers

Gaurav Khanijo (

Delhi-based designer, Gaurav, believes in promoting artisanal traditions to create contemporary clothing that reflects its diverse roots. He deftly incorporates a vast array of colours and textures, indigenous weaves, and hand-woven techniques into his collections. His design aesthetic can be classified as part vintage, part classic, and part modern. It complements the lifestyle of a neo indigenous man, highly wearable and contemporary, but with an edge.




Clothing - Up and Coming Indian Menswear Designers

Dhruv Vaish (

Hailing from a long line of bespoke tailors, Delhi-based designer Dhruv stands apart from his forefathers with his youthful, sleek creations. True to his lineage, the cuts are impeccable, as is the attention to detail. A diverse designer, he creates ranges of both Indian and Western wear. 

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