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The Wishlist

Posted on 04 June 2021

What’s the harm in a little bit of daydreaming? Here at The Stiff Collar, we've compiled a wishlist of items from designers and brands around the globe that caught our attention but might possibly break the bank! Fortunately for us, window shopping is free!



    1. Adidas Sustainable Stan Smith sneakers - Rs.7999 onwards!search/Pag60/No-0/0/All/STAN%20SMITH Clothing - The Wishlist
    2. Studio Nicholson Azul shorts -Rs.20000 - - The Wishlist
    3. Zara printed shirt - Rs.2590 - The Wishlist
    4. Champion black hoodie - Rs.12000 - The Wishlist
    5. Levi's orange striped tee - Rs.699 - The Wishlist
    6. Canali checked two-piece suit - Rs.150000 - The Wishlist
    7. Amiri checked shirt - Rs.59500 - The Wishlist
    8. Yves Saint Laurent velvet quilted bomber jacket - Rs.390000Clothing - The Wishlist
    9. Puma hoodie - Rs.5500 - The Wishlist
    10. Paul Smith leather jacket - Rs.197700 - The Wishlist

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