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How to Care for your Shirts

Posted on 12 December 2022

At The Stiff Collar, we like to think that we've given our shirts the best head start in life. We use a higher stitch count to ensure that the seams and buttons remain intact and in place, and we use premium quality cotton fabric that has a strong woven construction for improved durability. However, once you buy a shirt, the success of it's ongoing longevity lies in your hands! If you want to improve the lifespan of your shirts, we suggest adhering to the following wash care advice!


Wash care instructions for shirts:
  1. Hand wash your shirts where possible.
  2. If machine washing, avoid high temperatures. Instead opt for a 30°/40° wash to avoid shrinkage.
  3. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach. Opt for well-known brands of detergent, or better still - natural chemical-free alternatives!
  4. When ironing, turn your shirt inside out, and use a less hot temperature. Pay attention and keep the iron moving at all times.
  5. Take care when washing multiple garments together. Always wash whites/lights together, and darks together to avoid discolouration and staining. Equally, be careful for other garments with hooks/zip/buckles, as these may cause plucking.
  6. Remove collar stays when washing in warm water as they may become warped in high temperatures.
  7. Air dry your shirts on hangers to maintain their correct shape.
  8. Store your shirts correctly on hangers, with moisture absorbers - where necessary.

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