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Flying high with a Stiff Collar!

Posted on 08 May 2019


Meet Avi Malik- the ‘Stiff Flyer’! Well…not literally! The joy and passion of flying and feeling on the top of the world is not just a dream but a living reality for Avi Malik- the ace paraglider of India.

You might ask what a paraglider has to do with a Stiff Collar! The Stiff Collar is about stories, stories of shirts, stories of people and stories that create the man behind his shirt! Flying is a dream we all fancy, don’t we folks? And here is a man living his fancy - and that too in a Stiff Collar!  

As they say, the collar defines a shirt and the shirt defines the man. A Blue Checked Gingham shirt speaks of a gentleman- classy, meticulous, a go-getter, a champion and a man who can turn fantasies into actuality as reflected by this dextrous fellow!

A pioneer of paragliding in India, Avi Malik is the most qualified in this sky sport in the country today. He has played an instrumental part in helping the scenic locales of Kamshet, Maharasthra make a mark in the paragliding world map as the hub of this amazing sky sport in India. His flying school and club’ Temple Pilots’, was born out of his dream and passion for freedom and flying which has turned into a reality..

In a small tryst with this achiever, he shared his joy and thrill of flying in a Stiff Collar shirt!

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