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Care for your Stiff Collar

Posted on 10 May 2019

At The Stiff Collar all of our shirts are undoubtedly premium quality with durability and softness guaranteed. We use only 100% cotton fabrics and work closely with our tailors to deliver a top notch product to our customers. However, in order to ensure a long life for your favourite shirts we recommend you to follow the care instructions below:

Appliance - Care for your Stiff Collar


How to wash your shirts: First and foremost, read instructions on the care label. Unbutton shirts before you put them to wash. Remove collar stays. Empty all pockets, unroll cuffs, unbutton roll up sleeves. Don’t dump shirts which are wet from rain or sweat. Let them dry before putting in the laundry. Wash your shirts soon after use. Don’t let them pile up for days. Pre-soak stained/extra dirty shirts in a mild detergent before washing.


To Dry-clean or Not to Dry-clean: Ideally you should NOT dry clean your shirts. Dry-cleaning fluids can actually harm the fine fabrics. But if you must get a professional cleaning done, it’s better to go for a regular launder than dry clean.


Hand wash versus Machine wash: Undoubtedly, hand wash is the gentlest way to take care of your clothes. And if you do want to do a machine wash, run a gentle cycle, in cold water and use a mild detergent. And don't forget to separate whites and colours when washing!

Drying & Ironing: Line drying is the best way to dry your clothes. And post drying, shirts ‘must be hung’ preferably on wooden hangers (wire hangers are a big no-no as they cause creases). Ironing is essential to ensure a good drape and fit to your shirt. Dampen the material slightly before ironing to achieve the best results.


Long live Stiff Collar shirts!


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