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Wardrobe Wars - It’s Time to Let Go!

Posted on 29 March 2022

Your first…….suit, tie, jacket, trilby. It was great.....back then. But not now! Firstly, it doesn’t fit you anymore,  and secondly, it's woefully outdated! Lose the sentimentality and ditch the junk! You can donate old items to any number of deserving charities.

Goal items. Every time you open the doors of your wardrobe you are reminded of those 8kg’s you were supposed to lose last year….and still haven’t. That expensive shirt you bought to motivate you to shift the weight hasn’t worked so far, and probably never will. Rather than torture yourself, instead adopt a healthy approach to weigh loss - exercise regularly and eat timely well-balanced meals. Don’t aim towards certain garments, instead, learn to accept and love yourself as you are, and live a balanced, active life.

Cheap and nasty fast fashion. You’ve already made the mistake of buying those items - now please don’t repeat it. Lower price tags certainly seem appealing at the time, but once you get home you realise the error of your ways. Shoddy stitching, ill-fitting, and synthetic fabric - these are the hallmarks of fast fashion. In the future, don’t get tempted by the price tag, instead opt for quality over quantity. Our society encourages consumerism but it comes at a cost - millions of tons of waste. Rebrand yourself as a conscious consumer - think carefully about what you’re buying, where it came from, who made it, how long will it last, and whether you really need it….

Costumes, novelty items and special offers. You bought it because….? Ok, you can’t remember why, but it made sense at the time. Again, we come back to the previous point; overconsumption is no joke. Buy what you need, and if you’re likely to only wear something once (such as a costume for a party) then try to pass it on to a friend once you’re done with it, or offer to exchange it with one of their costumes for the next party. 

Beloved, but tatty garments. It may have lost half of its buttons and gained a plethora of holes, but you’re still convincing yourself that you’ll fix it and wear it again. Reality check, some clothes go past the point of no return - no matter how much we love them. Repairing your existing clothes is an excellent idea, but learning when to give up (and how much shabby chic is too much) is an important lesson. Retire those ailing garments to your workspace or use as rags around the house.

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