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Styling your Half Sleeve Shirt

Posted on 17 April 2023

Fashions come and go. With each season a new trend is born, and another hits the dust. One exception to this rule is the half sleeve shirt. Not only are half sleeve shirts highly practical in warmer climates, but they are also diverse. Dependent on the colour, fabric type, and styling, a half sleeve shirt can be worn in a casual setting, or a formal one. Read our below guide to understand more:

  • Half Sleeves for the Office
    When dressing for any professional environment, it is important to be smart and well presented. Select a half sleeve shirt which is made from a smooth weave like Dobby, Chambray, or Poplin. These fabrics, when ironed well, maintain their crisp appearance from morning until night. Some fabrics have undergone a treatment which renders them ‘wrinkle-free’ - this could be another good option. A ‘regular’ collar (also known as cutaway collar) is the most common and appropriate option for formal settings. Match your formal half sleeve shirt with black or navy trousers (again, well ironed!), well-polished lace up shoes, and accessories such as contemporary leather briefcase and premium patterned socks.

  • Half Sleeves for the Weekend
    When dressing for the weekend, our priorities are comfort and style. Whether we’re in the shopping mall, or enjoying a coffee with friends, or visiting relatives, we want to look chic yet not overdressed. Our suggestion for these types of scenarios is to focus on the colour, weave, and pattern of the fabric. You can be a little playful and opt for gingham checks, plaids, or prints. On the other hand, if you prefer a subtle sophisticated look, then you can go for a more textural woven fabric like a Herringbone weave, or Oxford weave. These kinds of sumptuous textural weaves will not go unnoticed! Pair your smart-casual half sleeve with indigo denim jeans, and stylish sneakers (not the kind you would wear for exercising!).

  • Half Sleeves for the Beach 
    Of course, on the beach, staying cool is the priority! Choosing a lightweight, breathable fabric like linen, or cotton-linen mix would be sensible. Wearing your shirt untucked, or maybe even unbuttoned over a plain t-shirt could be a good way to reduce your chances of overheating. Keep things casual by choosing pure white or pale blue colours, or prints. Pair your half sleeves with cargo or linen shorts or trousers, and your favourite sandals.

  • Half Sleeves for Parties or Dinner Dates
    Firstly, the fit of your shirt should be just right! Avoid oversized, baggy shirts and opt for a shirt which accentuates your figure but isn’t too tight. Darker colours like navy, black, or olive green are good choices, as are stripes, satin weaves, and cuban collar shirts. Pair your shirt with black jeans, clean sneakers, and possibly a collared jacket (like a utility jacket).

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