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Tips for the Savvy Traveller

Posted on 09 May 2019

Even a couple of decades ago, traveling was a special affair. Business travellers,  would put their best efforts into dressing up for the journey and would travel in style. However, over time businesses have spread across regions and traveling has become more commonplace, more ordinary and the glamour of travel has been somewhat diminished.

Now in the present day we face a dilemma - with increased travels, come increased quandaries over what to pack! We all know that the key to successful travel is efficient packing, but how to tread the thin line between packing only the essentials and yet not get caught short!

The biggest irony of traveling for business is that you must travel light with minimal luggage yet ensure that you have everything you need in order to look presentable. The trick therefore is to pack items which are versatile and allow you to 'mix and match' for different occasions.


Person - Tips for the Savvy Traveller


A quick checklist developed by yours truly might help you pack right and travel light! The below suggestions are based on a 3-4 day business trip:

  • A navy and grey suit
  • A sports coat/jacket to throw on a casual or formal shirt
  • A white dress shirt
  • A Polo Tee can get you through a casual lunch or dinner with your acquaintances.
  • A pair of regular denim jeans
  • Two cotton shirts- Always go for colors like white, black and blues, so you fit into any occasion, planned or unplanned!
  • A casual and a formal watch and a belt. Preferably go for a reversible belt, black on one side and brown on the reverse. Saves you the need to pack 2 to match your shoes!
  • Inner sundries (which I don’t think I need to remind you folks!)
  • Socks- They are absolute essentials and always wise to carry extras!
  • 2 pair of formal shoes and a casual shoe.

Apart from these, your grooming kit, your personal gadgets and stationery would obviously follow. So don’t stress, next time you have to live out of your suitcase for a few days just take a deep breath and don't get hung up on packing decisions. Follow our packing list and have a carefree trip!

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