• The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket
  • The Travel Jacket

The Travel Jacket

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The Travel Jacket with large pockets Desert Tan 100% cotton twill

 A jacket for frequent flyers and those on the road. A fashion statement with user friendly functionality.

The design concept aimed to provide travellers with a vest that would provide easy access to travel needs combined with safety. Zips and velcro is used extensively. There is an inner security pocket. There are 9 distinct cavities, each of which can be used to stock items of choice. Compare this with a bag, where all items tend to be jumbled. For frequent flyers with jet lag, finding an item can be a challenge with conventional bags. Just imagine. You are on a window seat and want to take out a book. Next you wish to take out a medicine you ought to have kept in your pocket. Everyone knows that standing on the aisle, with the luggage bin open, groping in the bag is no fun.

The Travel Jacket makes life easy. You need not take a stroller along and rush to find space in the overhead bin. Take it easy. Just  pack essentials in the jacket. The rest can be check-in baggage. Good-bye bag!

Add on the elegance and comfort. Pure cotton twill, 50 s compact yarn. Soft to the touch, with just the right sparkle. 


A stylish cotton sleeve-less vest. Unisex almost formal. Any time wear, but great for an afternoon out at the club, a round of golf, or to a party. Just right for the committee meeting to go with your grey eminence.  In a distinctive desert tan colour that instantly brings out the charm of the great outdoors. Stunning looks.   And great functionality --  rear ventilation, and useful pocket space. Discreet rear pockets to tuck away a water bottle or a battery-charger or a small torch, even a sandwich when on the go.  A wardrobe essential.

  • Unisex waistcoat/ vest
  • Pure cotton twill 2 ply 60s count
  • Free Collar 
  • Sleeveless
  • Rear pockets, discreet, and useful to carry bric a brac
  • Front pockets and front inside pockets
    travel jacket

    Customer Reviews

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    My kind of item

    Cotton Travel Jacket

    The shipment was excellent. I have received within 2 days after placing the order. The jacket size and design are perfect.


    I was looking just this kind of jacket that I can use during photography. It's pockets are large enough to fit 1-2 lenses apart from other accessories. It's trendy too and arguably enhances your personality as well. Happy at its purchase.

    Stiff Collar the Name you can trust

    I got one out door shirt and traveling jacket, both excellent, they are so helpful that you can clear all the doubts if any, they just a message away, so friends happy shopping :shopping_bags:

    I like it

    I feel it is bit short in length

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