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Brand Story

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The Stiff Collar is all about being fashionable with 'The English Gentleman' attitude. The journey to bring this English classiness to your closet was albeit a long and tough one, we continue to travel the roads of English fashion with a backdrop of reticent history.

Brand Story
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Four Men, from different walks of life shared a common bond- friendship. Sitting as usual on a constructive cup of coffee, discussing the upper halves of men and the best way to cover it up, we decided to create a brand that will not only define the style but will give a personality to the one wearing it! We felt every brand had something missing, something that didn't incorporate everything men needed (well…we only meant clothing needs). So we decided to take it up and cover every man in style.

With a motley group of professionals and one common vision, we set out to be a company that ensures a 'quality final product' with a hope to create an experience for every customer. Just like every other beginning, ours was small too. Our persistence overshadowed the minimal resources we started off with and today, fortunately we have grown substantially. However, with an untiring attitude towards a bigger goal, we intend at setting new trends, creating new style statements, at revolutionary prices yet not compromising on the quality of our products.
Brand Story
You might ask the rationale behind why a 'Stiff Collar'! Well, a collar is a symbol of respect, attitude, and personality for a man! And men jolly well understand the significance of these attributes! So here we are offering men not only class, elegance and style but a personality and a character in every shirt! Let every collar speak!

Inspired by the English from their stiff upper-lipped attitude and snooty way of life, our goals had been defined. We knew shirts could be of different kinds, but one aspect remains common throughout- the COLLAR. The collar defines the shirt and the shirt defines the man. And we decided to refine what defines him. We aimed at giving our challenge a straightforward name and one that relates to what everyone looks out for and what could say it better than 'The Stiff Collar'.
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