Back to the Clubs- The Stiff Collar Way

Posted on 31 January 2014

As an iconic fashion from the pre-war era, the modern Club collar is about adding vintage flair to the modern wardrobe!

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Club collars are for times when you need to dress up a notch higher. In India, the Club Collar is a long lost trend in men’s fashion but like all other bygone trends, this also is trying to make a comeback in contemporary fashion. The Stiff Collar, one of the first few brands in India, has resurrected this iconic pre-war style of Club Collars suitably to cater to the ever experimenting modern man.

From solids to checks, stripes and even contrast collars, The Stiff Collar Club Collar shirts can fit into any formal (or even semi-formal) occasions. And the black satin tie that comes with it is the perfect partner in crime with a black checked or a simple, classic white Club Collar shirt! Throw on a charcoal suit to complete the look!


For that long awaited annual meeting don a shirt in Blue Gingham checks with contrast white Club Collars. Pair it with a soft grey suit. The classic blue Oxford with shorter club collars is perfect for a luncheon. Pair it with a beige suit. For a day occasion, add a navy or beige linen jacket!

club collars accessories

Since the collars are snub, the best way to highlight them is to accessorize!

Narrow ties, cravats and bolos can enhance the look of the most desired Club Collars.

Trendy suspenders are also a great accessory to this vintage style and add to the antiquity.

Neckwear or no neckwear, Club Collars always adds a unique feel to your dressing.

So, go out there and bring those olden days’ charm to your modern dressing and be a part of the most coveted Clubs!

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