Go Festive, Go Fashionable this winter

Posted on 26 December 2013

If the mellowed sun and cooler nights are dampening your fashion sense then cheer up my loved mates, your fashion Santa is here (No I can’t create miracles but I can sure help!) to save your winter fashion! Like summer and autumn, winter fashion can be equally glamorous! With Christmas and New Year celebrations knocking on the door, it’s the best time to incorporate the festive colors in your wardrobe!


christmas colors

Add accents of red, green, gold and yellow to neutral and monochrome ensembles. You can of course choose to wear lighter tones of these colors as an individual piece. Say a crimson shirt with grey suit for your family Christmas dinner! A pair of crisp ivory trousers with a mint green shirt will be just about right for a lunch or dinner date. Or a navy dinner jacket with ivory shirt and throw in a red scarf and you are a star of the evening! Not a formals person? Wear any of the colors with a pair of denims and a jacket and you can still win the show!


With vintage back as the new style statement, plaids are on a high flyer! Play around with Tartan and Plaid checks. Plaid checked pants with a solid shirt- may be a black or ivory with a black dinner jacket. Try a plaid suit with solid shirt or play the other way round and wear a red Gingham check shirt with a grey suit or simple grey trousers!

christmas patterns

And since there’s a little festive mood in the air, you might want to try those patterned sweaters (winter patterns, argyles or Christmas special motifs) with solid color shirts and denims or even trousers would do. Don’t miss those ‘V’ neck pullovers and cardigans that bring back the old school charm.


christmas accessories

If you have been contemplating ties and bows all the year round, this is THE time to indulge in those accessories! A New Year eve party ensemble is so not complete without a decent neckwear! The best way to add festive accents to your clothing is by adding a colorful tie, bow or a scarf! Try polka dots, patterns, satin or simply solid bows and ties while get some shine with elegant silk scarves with fine threadworks for the elite look!

After all ‘tis the season to be gorgeous and let the chill of the Decembers nights find you in great style, great clothes and good company! Make this Christmas merry and wishing you folks a more fashionable year ahead!

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