Fashionably French Cuffed!

Posted on 18 November 2013

You might think cuffs and cufflinks are for the CEOs, VP, and high end executives- the men with the so-called ‘matured’ fashion sense who wear formals for almost every occasion, probably because they believe casuals are for ‘lads’. Well, let me give you a perspective to this. I believe it just creates a great impression and gives the man an opportunity for some sparkle to his regular attire.


Cufflinks are probably the only ‘legitimate’ bling a man can add to his outfit and a little bling doesn't harm anyone. Does it?

There’s something distinctively suave and poised about French Cuffs. There’s more to this sartorial innovation than its mere ‘French’ connection!


French Cuffs have come a long way over decades. Originated in the late 19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria, French cuffed shirts created an impression with Alexander Dumas’s The Three Musketeers. After almost a century, French Cuffs made a dramatic comeback in the late 1900s and became a mainstream fashion statement for the younger chaps. The cufflink, which once, was only a formal jewel for the elite, became a sought-after fashion accessory for men of all ages. And let me tell you, the change was not only in the need but also how the shirt was styled. From being a strictly formal shirt, not to be worn without a complete formal ensemble evolved into a shirt worn without a tie and even without a jacket! Hail the modern French Cuff!

The Best Way to style a French cuff

cufflinks with formal

Let’s accept it! Most men of our time do not know how to wear the French cuff shirt! You think the shirt is too long and ponder! Well, hello! A French Cuff is ‘meant’ to be long. You fold the cuffs neatly so it sits right on your wrist. The cuffs should just be half an inch outside the sleeve of you blazer or jacket! Some men like to wear longer French Cuffs, just to show off the links but it definitely takes some finesse to do it!

I suggest you keep at least 3 French Cuff shirts in different colors from subtle Peach, Powder blues and light Pink to aqua and of course the must-have white and black. And cufflinks? Have as many as you want!

Now choosing the right cufflink is the key. Remember it’s the only major accessory for a man and you got to do it right! Or you are toast with your fashion sense!

cufflink ideas

The bold, metal cuff-links are for the 'nouveau riche' look, while simple, understated, enameled links define a little conservative sense of dressing. If you are a tech-fancy fellah, cuff-links with Google logos or inbuilt pen drives can be the choice! For a more frequent wear, the silk knot cuff-links are just about right!

So don’t ponder. Get up, get going and bring some French romance to your wardrobe!

Bonne chance Monsieur!

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