Be the Biker Bloke!

Posted on 19 October 2013

There’s something about a bloke on a bike -rugged, tough, the out-of-the-regular kind of fellah who just follows his guts! Sounds nasty yet nice? And a bloke who’s got the style always gets the heads turned!

If you are also one of those who loves to set the roads on fire on your metal horse, do so in style!

As a chap who rides a motorbike, I have always felt, clothing is an important element of a biker! Wearing the right kind of clothes is essential for a comfortable, enjoyable ride! The Stiff Collar Biker’s shirts are here for the ones who like to add some flair to motorcycling! Carefully crafted in denim, these shirts add an adventure element to a biker's clothing! Since the time denim was invented, classic denim and motorcycles go hand in hand. 

biker-shirt-design The idea of a biker’s shirt stemmed from the very basic frustration a chap faces when on a motorcycle. His clothes are either unmanageable or uncomfortable, the struggle with his cell phone, and shades and bags and what not! To save the poor fellahs from this misery, what’s better than a shirt that serves his need?

Why a Biker’s Shirt!

It’s all about comfort: Made from 100% denim, the soft fabric sits nicely on your body while you ride. Yet, its extremely durable, uber-cool and gives that ‘edge’ as a biker. The fabric is pre-treated so it doesn't crumple much. The yoke is raised and layered with a mesh fabric which helps in aeration so you don’t sweat during a long ride.

It’s super convenient: The extra big chest pockets with ‘Velcro’ flaps make it easier for you to keep your knick-knacks. There is a separate sunglass compartment so you can tuck in your sunnies when not in use. Saves you the misery of forgetting them here and there! There’s also a secret pocket on the inside of the shirt to safeguard essentials. Cleverly stitched side loops/flaps help you tuck your headphone/hands-free wires; no hassle of trying to struggle with your phone while riding and no unnecessary stop-over.

Style your Biker’s Shirt

Bike or no bike, you can still wear a Biker’s shirt! Try this shirt half tucked with a black, grey or white shirt underneath and unbutton it a bit. Roll up the sleeves for a little muscle show and remember that accessories are the key – sling a pair of shades on the front, or sport a chunky, casual watch. For cooler days, throw on a jacket.

biker's shirt styling

Remember, it’s a denim shirt! So wear them layered, unbuttoned, sleeves rolled up or however you want! To master this whole look wear dark denim jeans with a rugged pair of black hi-tops! And lastly, don’t take yourself too seriously! Go out, explore, and blaze the trails!

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  • Siddhartha Pandey: January 30, 2016

    Would like to purchase one. How to go ahaed as from your home page cant access the same and it is no where to be found. Please let me know on priority basis as I need it before 4th feb.

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