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Posted on 16 September 2013

Imagine yourself on a breezy summer day, on a yacht, dressed in crisp, white linen shirt and cotton pants, floating on a pristine blue sea! Sounds ‘NICE’? Now come back to my blog. You might not get a boat to float on a summer sea but you can sure dress in a manner that makes your summer days perfect!

Made from ‘long staple’ natural fibers, 'Linen' is one of the most sought after fabrics. And like always, I have the rich history of Linen to share with you fellahs and stories to tell. And as you read along, the antiquity and affluence of the fabric will unravel and will make you fall in love with this fabric.

HISTORY [caption id="attachment_127" align="alignleft" width="349"]CUR.46.157.9_detail02_ICA Ancient Egyptian Linen[/caption]

Made from the fibers of the flax plant, the name of Linen is derived from Linum, Latin for flax or Linon, in Greek. Linen is one of the oldest fabrics- dating back to 8000 BC. It had manifold usage in the Egyptian civilization. They were used as a currency in Egypt and hence represented wealth and prosperity and were also used to wrap and embody mummies as a symbol of light and purity of souls. In the Medieval times, only the affluent class of the society could afford to dress up in Linen and hence were attributed as ‘rich men’s clothing’. Even in modern civilization, Linen is considered to be an expensive textile, because of its ‘long staple’ fibers compared to cotton and other natural fibers and is produced in smaller quantities. However, thanks to technology, different kinds of linen are made today to encourage affordability. The linear weave of the fabric (which also defines the name) makes Linen the most breathable and comfortable to don in the sizzling summer days.


There’s a golden rule about Linen shirts. Colored ones go with white, grey or beige pants while white Linen shirts go with colored pants. The fabric works best when complemented with other natural fibers like silk, wool or cotton. Linen shirts tend to shrink after a first few washes. So always go for a size bigger than your usual size and it’s a great style to let it hang a tad loose.

White linen with colored pants

Linen shirts go with almost anything- denims, Khakis, drawstring pants or any kind of shorts, Linen jackets and even sweaters! In other words, Linen shirts are perfect for any occasion that doesn't call for a suit, just enough casual for jeans but elegant enough to make you stand out.

Linen styling

There’s nothing like a crisp, white Linen shirt with short sleeves. It’s an absolute must-have for the modern man. Pair it with Khakis or slim fit jeans for an afternoon soiree or wear with a pair of shorts with a neat pair of loafers and you are ready for a day outdoors- by the beach, on a boat may be and you can turn my fancy into reality.

Celeb style

A rugged Linen shirt in beige or stone teamed with a pair of cargo pants can add some adventure to your weekend dressing. Think Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones or Daniel Craig in his Bond flicks!

With Linen shirts, you can create and recreate styles the way you fancy. So go out there mates and style luxuriously in Linen, while I get back to my yacht on the sea! Cheerio!

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