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  • Red Gingham Regular Fit
  • Red Gingham Regular Fit
  • Red Gingham Regular Fit
  • Red Gingham Regular Fit
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Red Gingham Regular Fit

Rs. 899.00




Red Gingham Regular Fit Shirt

If you've always wanted to wear bright clothes to work but didn't know where to start, this bright red Gingham is a good piece of clothing to start with. It's one of those shirts that grab attention without being egregious. The name originated from a Malay word ‘genggang’ meaning stripes. The fabric originally used to be in stripes, which later evolved into a checkered fabric, to be so popular that checked shirts became synonymous with the Gingham pattern.


Fit: Regular
Colour: Red
Weave: Poplin Gingham
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Collar: Cutaway
Cuffs: Double Button (Convertible Cuff)
Placket: Exposed Front
Bottom: Rounded Long Tail
Yoke: Split
Butterfly Gussets: Yes
Pocket: Yes
Pleats: Side
Buttons: Mother of Pearl Finish
Extra Buttons Sewn On Inner Placket

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